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hot air generator

Product Description :

We are the best provider of premium Gas Hot Air Generators, which are renowned for their dependability and great efficacy. The most cutting-edge engineering techniques and premium raw materials were used to create these goods.

These generators are made with heat-resistant tested plates and tubes with premium raw materials purchased from reputable suppliers. Hot air generators are equipment intended for heating any type of premises where a fast and efficient heating system is required. the gases produced pass through a heat exchanger where heat transfer is carried out with the air driven by a fan. 

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Hot Air Generator

The hot air generator shall consist of three segments, which are, the combustion chamber, the conical venturi mixing chamber, and the outlet chamber. The circular combustion chamber will have a burner wall at one end. The burner shall be fitted onto the burner wall at one end of the combustion chamber that will fire directly into the chamber.

The combustion chamber shall be made of two concentric shells wherein the inner shell lined with refractory material, will work as a combustion chamber and the dilution air will be forced through the annular gap available between the two concentric shells.

Dilution air is forced into the air heater with the help of a forced draught centrifugal fan that will mix with the products of combustion in the conical venturi mixing chamber, also lined with insulation material. Hot air at the desired temperature and quantity will emanate from the outlet chamber which is also normally lined with insulation material.

Hot Air Generator Benefits :

In Direct Fired Hot Air Generator, the combustion chamber is enclosed in a concentric shell with a suitable lining. The fresh air from the dynamically and statically balanced blower is fed to the chamber tangentially. The air envelopes the combustion chamber absorbs the radiant heat from its surface and then mixes with completed combustion gases in a conical chamber. The hot air, thus generated is let out from the hot air generator at a controlled temperature to the process. Such heating systems have very high thermal efficiency with proper insulation.

The vast volumes of hot air needed by industry are produced by hot air generators using gas burners using direct or indirect heat. Their short, evenly spaced flames ensure a remarkable performance-to-size ratio. Their proper operation is independent of the hot air flow rate as a safety precaution.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to create a new line of hot air generators that are entirely tailored to the requirements of professionals. High quality, dependability, performance, and use are all promises made by our hot air generators. For whatever necessity, you have full access to our professionalism and experience.

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