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Rotary Kiln

Product Description :

The rotary kiln tyre, sometimes referred to as the rolling ring or support ring, is used to smoothly rotate the cylinder on the supporting roller by transferring all of the cylinder’s gravity to the roller.

It is a portion of the rotary kiln’s supporting mechanism, bears some of the kiln body’s weight, and is crucial to the body’s efficient operation. During the rolling process, rotary kiln tyres are subject to contact stress and bending stress, and the surface is vulnerable to cracking and peeling.

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Rotary Kiln

The harm is fairly substantial. The rotary kiln tyre is also used for a prolonged period of time in a difficult environment with high pressure, temperature, and temperature fluctuations. The tyre must possess adequate wear and compression resistance.

As a result, the forged tyres perform better and last longer. In parallel, we have given prestigious international firms like ThyssenKrupp and Cemex with huge rotary kiln tyre forging products with a diameter of over 7000mm.

Rotary Kiln Benefits :

Rotary dryers are primarily used to remove moisture from material and operate at inlet temperatures between 900 and 1500 oF. On the other hand, rotary kilns are used to bring about a chemical or phase change within a substance. Kilns operate at much greater temperatures, often between 1000 and 3000oF, to accomplish this.

Although they occasionally help with drying, this is not their primary goal. Therefore, a rotary dryer will be the most suitable option for individuals looking for a drying solution. Reach out to a professional right away for additional details! We can assist you in choosing the ideal piece of machinery for your thermal processing requirements.

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Rotary Dryer

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