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AAC Block Plant

Product Description :

The plant can be modified based on the level of automation and production volume required. Future upgrades are possible at any time.

Our industry is fortunate to have a team of qualified and experienced experts who deliver the highest quality products in accordance with the unique needs of customers. The best manufacturers of AAC plants in India are all around us, and we have extensive experience in designing various building material plants and gear. technical team timely support: we provide customers with planning, design drawing, guiding the construction, installation, commissioning, and technical teaching one-stop service.

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AAC Block Production

Excellent En-Fab Incorporation Produces AAC Block Plants in India The finest engineering quality AAC Block Plants are manufactured and supplied, and they comply with all international standards. AAC plants with capacities ranging from 30 cubic meters per day to 750 cubic meters per day can be installed.

AAC blocks are made of fly ash (pond ash or sand) as the main raw material, cement, gypsum, and lime as cementing materials, and aluminum powder as the foaming agents. The main forming procedures are Material crushing, measuring, mixing, pouring, curing, cutting, and steaming.

AAC Block Plant Benefits :

AAC Plants Raw material and Batching section consists of, Cement Silo, Lime Silo, Gypsum Silo, Fly ash Silo, or Pond Ash Loading Screening and Transfer system. AAC Block Machines manufactured by us are designed as per the capacity of each plant. AAC Block raw materials are safely and accurately transferred to prepare an accurate mix of AAC Blocks in every batch. So all the AAC blocks Manufactured by Our AAC machines are consistent in quality.

AAC is one of the major achievements of the 20th century in the field of wall construction. It is a revolutionary material offering a unique combination of high durability and strength, low weight, unprecedented buildability, and superior ecological green features. AAC is a high-quality, non-load-bearing, and extremely well-insulating building material produced as standard or mega blocks or panels.

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AAC Plant

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