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Wall putty plant

Product Description :

If you need to produce wall putty plants in large quantities contact Excellent En-Fab incorporations. Specializing in the production of wall putty manufacturing machines. The professional and technical personnel have more than 15 years of experience in the wall putty manufacturing machine.

The wall putty manufacturing machine is generally composed of a bucket elevator/screw conveyor, pre-mixed hopper, horizontal mixer steel frame working platform, finished-product hopper, automatic packaging machine, bag filter, control device, etc.

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Wall Putty Plant

Wall Putty Plant We can also increase or decrease machines according to your actual situation. Tower dry mortar plant is also one of the best choices for large production. We recommend the use of a double shaft non-gravity mixer, which is directly connected, with long service life and high mixing efficiency.

The wall putty feels delicate and smooth and has a good texture. The putty after-light treatment gives a bright feeling to the eyes.

Wall Putty Plant Benefits :

The wall putty mortar has extremely high water resistance, strong adhesion, and high bonding strength. Compared with ordinary paint, it can save 25 to 30% of the amount of paint, heat resistance, cold resistance, and good permeability.

After being damp, there will be no appearance such as hollowing, cracking, peeling, or falling.

Reach out to a professional right away for additional details! and We Excellent En-Fab Incorporation can assist you in choosing the ideal piece of machinery for your thermal processing requirements.

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