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Product Description :

AAC Autoclave is a kind of large-scale steam tool that is the key equipment in the production of aerated concrete and autoclaved brick. It can be used to steam sand lime brick, fly ash brick, slag brick, aerated concrete block, cement pile, and other cement products.

Excellent En-Fab Incorporation Product an autoclave is a horizontal cylindrical device made of. The quality of the autoclave is good, and its performance is reliable. AAC Autoclave is the pressure vessel and key equipment in the production of aerated concrete and autoclaved block. It is applicable for curing the cut body or Block under high temperatures and high pressure. The working medium is saturated water vapor. it also knows as AAC steam-curing equipment.

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Who invented the autoclave machine ?

History. AAC was perfected in the mid-1920s by the Swedish architect and inventor Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson, working with Professor Henrik KreĆ¼ger at the Royal Institute of Technology. The process was patented in 1924.

Robert Koch’s studies on the germ-killing capabilities of steam and hot air marked the beginning of the science of disinfection and sterilization. He proved how moist heat, such as steam, has greater penetrating power than dry heat. The first pressure steam sterilizer that controlled performance by sensing the temperature in the chamber drain line was finally developed ushering in contemporary Autoclave technology.

Autoclave Benefits :

AAC blocks provide the structure form fire resistance and insulation. AAC materials are standard tools to cut and shaped to use. It is highly recommended for thermally insulating material for both interior and exterior.

AAC products are used under heat and pressure in an autoclave. The various forms of AAC are blocks, wall panels, floor and roof panels, cladding panels, and lintels. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks are used in both interior and exterior construction works Autoclave.

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