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Flash Dryer

Product Description :

With the use of a flash dryer, moisture can be reduced from 35% to 10%, making it suitable for briquetting. Heat is produced by the furnace to help dry the material. Raw materials are moved into pneumatic convey lines by screw conveyors in the presence of hot air. A cyclone collects dried material.

It is used to suspend-dry materials that are powdered, pulverized, or granular, such as sawdust, coir pith, and bagasse pith, which typically have moisture contents of 35% or below.

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Flash Dryer Plant

An industrial dryer called a flash dryer is used to quickly dry wet products including pastes, sludge, and food items. By blowing hot air through the wet material, the flash drier operates. The wet material is quickly dried by the hot air, and the dried product is collected at the bottom of the flash drier.

In the food business, flash dryers are frequently used to dry products like fruits and vegetables. In the pharmaceutical sector, they are frequently used to dry pharmaceutical powders and granules. produces a wide range of flash dryers for a variety of uses.

Flash Dryer Plant Benefits :

Equipment that is frequently used in chemical processing applications is referred to as a flash dryer. This kind of dryer has one or more heating components inside of a closed-off chamber.

A piece of machinery frequently used in chemical processing applications is a flash dryer, usually called. An enclosed chamber with one or more heating components within makes up this kind of dryer.

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Flash Dryer

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