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Charcoal Making Plant in Bhutan

Charcoal Making Plant in Bhutan

Charcoal Making Plant in Bhutan

Charcoal Making Plant in Bhutan:

Excellent En-Fab Incorporation:
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A facility that produces charcoal is called a charcoal manufacturing factory. Pyrolysis, the method used to create charcoal, involves heating wood or other organic materials in a low-oxygen environment. This causes the substance’s water and volatile components to evaporate, leaving a carbon-rich residue known as charcoal in their place.

Charcoal plants come in diverse sizes and have a number of ways to create the substance. Large plants may use more modern techniques like vertical retorts, but small plants may use more traditional ones like pit kilns.

Because different types of wood produce charcoal with varying qualities, the type of wood used to make charcoal is crucial. It is usual to use hardwoods like oak, maple, and hickory because they provide high-quality charcoal that is appropriate for grilling, smoking, and other cooking applications.

The basic steps involved in making charcoal in a plant are:

Preparation of the raw material: The raw material is first dried to a moisture content of about 10%. This process aims to prevent the formation of tar and other byproducts during pyrolysis. In the charcoal making machine, we feed the dried raw material into a large oven heated to a temperature of about 500-600 degrees Celsius.

Pyrolysis: The pyrolysis process takes place in the charcoal making machine. During this process, the organic matter in the raw material decomposes into charcoal, gas, and tar.

Cooling: Afterward, we cool down the charcoal and remove it from the charcoal making machine.

Grading and packaging: We grade the charcoal based on its quality and then package it for sale.

We Provide Charcoal Making Plant in Bhutan Including Chhukha, Daga, Gasa, Gelephu, Ha, Jakar, Phuntsholing, Tsirang, Pemagatshel, Sarpang, Samdrup Jongkhar, Lhuntshi, Mongar, Paro, Punakha, Samtse, Thimphu, Tongsa, Wangdue, Phodrang, Zhemgang Etc.

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