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AAC Block Plant Manufacturer in Bangalore

AAC Block Plant Manufacturer in Bangalore

AAC Block Plant Manufacturer in Bangalore

AAC Block Plant Manufacturer in Bangalore:

EXCELLENT EN-FAB INCORPORATION is a well-known firm in the design and manufacture of AAC Block Plants, Drying Plants, and other Process Equipments.

An AAC block plant is a manufacturing facility where AAC blocks are produced. AAC blocks are lightweight, high-quality building materials made from natural raw materials such as sand, fly ash, cement, lime, and water. These blocks are known for their excellent thermal insulation properties, strength, and durability.

The process of manufacturing AAC blocks involves the following steps:

Raw Material Preparation: The raw materials, including sand, fly ash, cement, lime, and water, are precisely measured and mixed in the correct proportions. This mixture is then thoroughly mixed to form a slurry.

Molding: The slurry is poured into molds, where it is allowed to rise and expand due to a chemical reaction. During this process, the slurry undergoes aeration, creating millions of tiny air cells throughout the mixture.

Cutting: Once the blocks have expanded and hardened in the molds, they are cut into desired sizes using specialized cutting equipment. These blocks have a cake-like texture at this stage.

Drying and Curing: After autoclaving, the blocks are removed from the autoclave and allowed to cool. They are then stacked and cured for a specific period, typically under controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

AAC block plants are equipped with specialized machinery and equipment for each step of the manufacturing process. These may include mixers, molds, cutting machines, autoclaves, curing chambers, and handling systems.

We Provide AAC Block Plant Manufacturer in Bangalore.

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