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AAC Block Plant in Maharashtra

AAC Block Plant in Maharashtra

AAC Block Plant in Maharashtra

AAC Block Plant in Maharashtra:

One of India’s recognized hubs for manufacturing process and construction equipment is Excellent En-Fab Incorporation, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

“Excellent En-Fab Incorporation” was founded in 2010 with the goal of supplying high-pressure autoclaves to AAC block plants.

AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Block Plant is a plant that manufactures AAC blocks, which are a type of lightweight building material. The facility usually includes a variety of machinery and equipment for processing raw materials, mixing and casting the AAC slurry, and cutting and curing the blocks.

The process of making AAC blocks involves blending fine aggregates such as sand, cement, lime, and fly ash with water and a foaming agent. Afterward, the production team pours the mixture into molds and cures it in an autoclave at high pressure and temperature. This creates a cellular structure within the blocks, making them lightweight while remaining sturdy and durable.

Construction companies, builders, and developers employ AAC block facilities to make AAC blocks for usage in a variety of building projects including residential and commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and industrial structures.

The benefits of using an AAC block plant include:

Because the blocks are light and sturdy, they are simple to handle and install.
The blocks are fire-resistant and have good thermal insulation properties.
The blocks are cost-effective, as they require less cement and water than traditional concrete blocks.

We Provide AAC Block Plant in Maharashtra.

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