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AAC Block Plant in Madhya Pradesh

AAC Block Plant in Madhya Pradesh

AAC Block Plant in Madhya Pradesh

AAC Block Plant in Madhya Pradesh:

Excellent En-fab Incorporation:
Excellent En-fab Incorporation, a company with vast experience in these disciplines, designs and manufactures AAC Block plants, drying plants, and a variety of other process equipment.

An AAC block plant is a dedicated manufacturing facility that produces AAC blocks. The production of these lightweight concrete blocks is facilitated by equipping it with specialized machinery and equipment. The plant ensures the precise mixing of raw materials, their curing through autoclaving, and the formation of AAC blocks in various sizes and shapes.

Manufacturing Process of AAC Blocks:

The manufacturing process of AAC blocks involves the following steps:

Equipping specialized machinery and equipment facilitates the production of these lightweight concrete blocks.

Raw material preparation: The storage and processing of the required ingredients, such as cement, lime, fly ash, and aluminum powder, ensure accurate proportioning.

Mixing and pouring: To create a slurry, workers mix the raw materials with water and pour it into molds or forms.

Curing: Workers transfer the molds containing the slurry to autoclaves, where they undergo curing under high-pressure steam for a specific duration.

Cutting and drying: After autoclaving, workers cut the cured blocks into the desired sizes and dry them to achieve the required strength.

Packaging and dispatch: Workers package the finished AAC blocks and dispatch them to construction sites for further use.

We Provide AAC Block Plant in Madhya Pradesh.

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